There are High and Low Anglicans, Orthodox and in name only Jews, Atheists and Agnostics. I am about as low a Buddhist as you are likely to find. I do not care about the cultic practices.  I am indifferent  to Heavens or Hells. I am not at all interested in a better reincarnation. There is one thing, and one thing only that has drawn me to Buddhism and has so far kept me here. When I follow the basic teachings I have a better life as do those around me.

I will help. If I cannot help then at least I will not hurt. That is my number one, bread and butter, take it to the bank belief. I have found this an excellent way to live well with my neighbours. They seem to appreciate the help and equally important they seem to appreciate that they do not have to worry about me intentionally harming them.

I spend some time each and every day in thought. I suppose I could go fancy and say I am a practitioner of meditation but that would really be exaggerating. I simply think about compassion and interdependence and how they can be worked into my life.

Finally I try to stay in balance. This really is the key to being able to help and to think. I constantly pay attention to my priorities. Does my wife get enough of my time? Am I spending to much time on the web? Am I getting enough dirt under my finger nails in the garden? Do I spend enough time with our dog? I try to be mindful of my time, my energy, and my actions.

There you go. I do not exaggerate. There is nothing fancy or complicated in my Buddhism. I am a simple person with a simple belief that allows for a simple life that does minimal harm.

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