Being Street Smart means you know enough to stay safe in a city. Being Bush Smart means you know enough to be safe in the bush.  Being People smart means you can be safe anywhere. The Paraguayan ranchers that tried to push Gabide Etacori and his people around were just plain dumb. Take a good look at the face of Gabide Etacori… how dumb do you have to be to try to scare this man into submission?

Ranchers wanting to build a road through his peoples lands forced him to sign a paper authorizing the construction. They were apparently stupid enough to think they had tamed him. Once they left he went to the government. The short version is that the government stepped in and stopped the ranchers from constructing the road. The human race will be better off when the gene pool of these ranchers gets drained.

Full credit must go to the Paraguayan  government that has stepped in on the side of the Angels. If only the governments of Canada, China and the U.S.A. would follow their lead!

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