Thou Shalt Not Kill, do not gossip, honour your mother and father, help people, do good, be kind, Do justice Love mercy Walk humbly. These should be as easy as falling off a log. But they aren’t. 

Get drunk and hurt yourself, harm your child, hit your husband, rape a boy, kill, plunder, destroy. These should be very hard to do. But they aren’t.

Have you ever wondered why we find it just so much easier to do evil than to do good? I have and I still do. If I ever find the answer I will let you know what it is. But until then I do have one or two suggestions that might make it easier to do good. 

Find a way to want to like yourself. I believe that many of us take the anger and dislike we have for ourselves and put it onto the rest of the world. So it naturally follows that the more you like yourself the less you will hurt others.

Another little trick is to pray for your enemy. Instead of wanting to hurt them train yourself to want to help them. I know this is not easy and sounds silly but it will change how you treat others.

My final suggestion is to find a way to stop your past from ruining your now. We all have things in our past that create anger or the need for vengeance in our heart. You can take this past horror and turn it into a past blessing. It is not easy but it can be done. I was abused by my father. I have taken that horror and turned it into a blessing. Not for me but for all the children that I have not abused because I do not want them to suffer as I did.  

Trust me folks this will not be as easy as falling off a log but it will be worth the effort!    

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