The question that keeps moving through my mind is ‘why‘. Why does the revolutionary war in the Philippines never end? One obvious answer is that it never ends because too many people are making too much money from the war to let it end.


There is also the psychological explanation that after 50 or 60 years of war the people of the country have simply come to think of constant low intensity warfare as the normal state of affairs. I would imagine that it is a combination of both explanations. Undoubtedly my analyses is much too shallow and there are many other reasons as well.

All I really understand is that there is a never ending supply of cannon fodder and blood feuds in this country. Everywhere you go someone has lost someone to one faction or another. RPA, NPA, MILF, MNLF, AFP, pick your initials and someone has lost a friend or a relative to their bullets. 

I have no answer but in time wiser people than me might find one. Till they do the innocents will continue to die while the not so innocent will continue to get rich. 


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