admit that I failed to see my neighbours as my greatest blessing this morning. I also admit that my intolerance of their actions caused me to loose if not my temper at least my inner calm. I could offer  excuses but the fact is I let them get to me.  I deserve the extra lifetimes. But they have turned down the noise and there is now less chance of someone getting killed so I accept the consequences of my actions as just and proper.

But I still need to blow off some anger so be warned this is about to turn into a complaint. Yesterday a daughter returned to the nest and brought a loud stereo home for her parents. So far so good. However her parents are drunks and like to turn the music up as loud as it will go… all day long. This causes other neighbours to crank up their noise so we end up with an eternal war of noise. 

As well as noise there is of course drinking and gambling. Throw in that everyone carries a  long sharp machete and the possibilities for bloodshed and death are high. Such is the lifestyle of our neighbours.

Last night, going on 11 the police were called. Four of them in nice blue uniforms showed up and settled things down. But it started up again at 1 in the morning. This time 6 police dressed in camouflaged battle fatigues and packing M-16’s arrived to settle things down. 

The peace lasted till about 06:30. That is when I added the lifetimes. I got on the roof and shouted at one neighbour. I got off the roof walked to the other end of the yard and shouted at a second neighbour. Their music was so loud they could not hear me. So I went over and politely asked them to turn it down. Net result is that temporarily the noise is reduced, they will get drunk and threaten to kill me and I have many many added lifetimes.

But I shall do better. They are my teachers and I must honour them. Trouble is I really want to go break their noise box. Did I just add a few thousand more life times? 

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