The New Conquistadors is a CBC documentary dealing with Canadian mining practices in Panama. For anyone who is not familiar with Canadian overseas mining practices and wishes to learn from a balanced and honest documentary  this is a good resource.

As I watched it I had one recurring thought… mining in Panama and Tar Sands production in Canada are being done and propagandized in the same way. The pushers (Canadian Mining Corporations, Canadian Government, Panamanian Government, Oil companies some priests and higher ups in the Roman Catholic Church) of these projects admit that in the past things were not done properly. They claim to have solved all of the environmental problems and that in the future there will be no more problems. The traditional song and dance that these resources are needed and world disaster will follow if they are not ripped out of the earth is performed once again. They gladly admit that there are social problems for the Indigenous population but claim they only have these problems because they are weak and inferior. They also skirt around the relocation of the Indigenous population and the destruction of the environment quite nicely. And of course intimidation, lies, bribery and murder as well as propaganda are the tools of their trade.

There are now sixty (60) ongoing protests against Canadian mining in Panama and other countries. I believe they deserve our help and that is the purpose of this blog. if you agree with me please find a way to help.


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