Amazon rainforest activists José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva and Maria do Espirito Santo, who were murdered last year. Photograph: Reuters

This trend points to the increasingly fierce global battle for resources, and represents the sharpest of wake-up calls for delegates in Rio,” said Billy Kyte, campaigner at Global Witness.

The 21st Century Resource wars will not be fought as traditional wars have been. Neither trenches nor massed movements of combined forces in set pieces will be used in these wars. Snipers, elite special forces, drones, police, law courts, organized crime hit men and women and cyber warriors will form the new battle groups. Go in and take out the leaders. Terrorize the people. Spread black propaganda via the web. Search and destroy with Drones. These battles are going on right now throughout the world.
In Canada new anti terrorist squads are being deployed. They have the latest in high tech and serious killing power. They are also well connected to many other Resource War squads world wide.The Philippines lost four activists in May. Brazil and Panama are killing off Eco-warriors as well. 
Time to wake up and smell the death people. The people who really run our world are killing us off as they battle for their own comforts. Time to step up and join the fight before they kill you or your children so that they and their children can live the good life.

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