Our stereo remains unplugged. It remains unplugged for the same reason we do not own a Jackhammer fully automatic 12 gauge shotgun.  It would just be too easy to use it to create more problems. Let me explain…. our neighbours daughter arrived home from Manila with a present for her parents, a nice big stereo system that is really loud. Naturally this has drawn out the competitive nature of the community so now we are all involved in one more ‘Battle of the Noise’. This fight will go on until a machine breaks or someone gets mad enough to attempt and possibly accomplish a murder. Yes I said murder. The next person to die because of karioki and macho will be neither the first nor the last!

There was a time when I started looking at ways to create the baddest bad ass noise system on the mountain. Something that would have blown away the ‘DJ Mobile. But my wife’s good advice and whatever intelligence I may possess has overcome my improper desire to join the battle. She helped me to understand that playing this game would not be to follow my spiritual path.

I believe in Peace. I believe that it is impossible to create Peace through violence. For me to retain or create credibility I need to use the proper tools. This means I get to pray, I get to reason, I get to beg, I get to offer them my good karma. I do not get to challenge, threaten, overpower, intimidate or hurt these people. 

I have found one really big fly in the ointment. Some people just can not be reached through any means short of a smack up the side of the head. As His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama has put it ‘you cannot talk to someone who only has mouth and no ears!’ Admittedly I find myself with nothing new to try and so far no signs of success. In other words HHDL and myself are in the same boat. He with China and me with my neighbours. 

HHDL was not the reason I started to walk the path I am on. But his teachings, his life, his humour, and his wisdom have helped to keep me on the path.  I shall continue to follow his wisdom. When He turns to violence and leaves the Path of Peace… so will I.  

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