Sweeping changes proposed in a new immigration bill would give new powers to the minister of immigration, including the ability to deny entry to visitors for public policy reasons and to override the rules to let otherwise inadmissible people come to Canada.

Unless you have been living in an isolation chamber or you have never read my Blog you are aware that the Canadian government is currently moving Canada from a free and democratic country to a Fascist State built upon the Athabaskan Tar Sands.

I know that at this point I sound just a little delusional and probably paranoid. Canada is just such a progressive free country where everyone loves maple sugar and bacon. But consider the latest loss of freedom.

‘Automatic inadmissibility for non-Canadians and permanent residents for acts of espionage or acts against Canada’s interests.’

For the last year or so every time some person or group has found a way to impeded the mad rush into Tar Sands Ecocide the Canadian government has changed the law of the land to eliminate their ability to fight the pipe. There is now a plan by some members of the loosely connected ‘Tar Sands Resistance’ to stage a ‘caravan’ in August to support the Wet’suwet’en in their efforts to stop the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.  

Once these new powers are put in place, and they will be, then no one that opposes the pipeline will be getting into Canada. Combine the preceding with with:
New ant-terrorist squads in western Canada that have been tasked to spy on and infiltrate legal law abiding organizations, First nations and individual citizens and their families. Drones in Canadian skies. The recognition of Torture as a legitimate way to get information. I could go on but I am sure you are beginning to see the same pattern that I do. 

Canadians are loosing their freedom one law at a time. How much longer before the freedom to vote in a meaningful way is also lost. 

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