Interdependence, Deep Ecology, Green Environment I can write thousands upon thousands of words on any of these subjects. But you would not read them because I am not that good a writer. 
Buddhism teaches that everything is connected. Deep ecology says that everything is of equal importance. The Green movement wants to make humanity less destructive.
I am not such a great writer or talker but here is how I understand things. I really love the Hooded Pita. I followed one the other day in our garden and as she wandered through the dappling shade and sunlight her colours were exquisite. She and her kin stay in our garden because there is a place for her nest.

For us to have the Hooded Pita we need bamboo. We need the bamboo because she builds her nest on the ground in the fallen bamboo leaves. We also love Butterflies, Dragonflies, Damselflies, Bees, Frogs, and all sorts of wee beasties. This means we do not cement over the yard. This means we plant the fauna, create the ponds, arrange for fallen leaves and dappling shade. We want the wee beasties so we offer them a home.

You can do the same wherever you are. Do you live in an apartment? Create a green space on your balcony. In a house in the city maybe just let a bit of your yard go wild? In the country like we are? Endless possibilities!

If you like the wee beasties as much as we do you will find a way to offer some of them a home.
 Then like us, you and the wee beasties, 
will enjoy new neighbours
and a better life! 


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