The Athabaska Tar Sands are the biggest, baddest, dirtiest Ecocidal project ever undertaken by humanity. Fighting against this insanity is an ever growing, so far legal, resistance movement. We are a varied group from all over the world. Some are against Fracking. Others are against Supertankers running Dilbit through the Great Bear Ocean. Some want to shut down the Athabasca Tar Sands.

We are a varied group from around the world united by a common belief. We believe that the world is being killed by humanities oil addiction. We believe that an alternative to carbon based fuels and lubricants must be found and that it must be found soon.

We have a common world wide enemy. Governments and Industrialists that work to keep us addicted to Black Gold, Oil, the Juice that keeps our society running headlong into Hell on Earth.  We are a  very loosely knit resistance that needs your help.

There are no dues, oaths, uniforms or guns. All that is required of you is to work on your own life to reduce your dependency on the Black Gold. Afterwords if you have the urge then spread the word to others and find your own peaceful path to increasing the power of the Resistance. If we all come together in the Resistance we can defeat our common enemy. Juanita, Mike and myself came together and you saw the cartoon and read my writings.

Join us!

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