Sherri posted this cartoon. She is just one of tens of thousands across Canada and the world that have joined, formed or created (take your pick) the Resistance. We are a loosely knit bunch, we have no secret handshake, oath, passwords, or guns. All we have is a shared need to stop our environmental destruction.

As the cartoon indicates we are not in a fair fight and we are not doing so well. But we are ‘Believers’. Maybe foolish believers but believers one and all.

We believe that we can convince you to take a long hard look at our world. And that when you look at it you will not be so happy with what you see. Here is a challenge for you television watchers. Watch all of the modern TV you want and look for a clear blue sky. Odds are good you will see many a show with sunny days and shadows but the sky will be whitish. There are just too many dust and soot particles floating around us now for the sky to look blue.

Now a challenge for those of you who love the great outdoors. How about going down to the local beach and see how long it takes you to stroll along before you are walking over, through or around someones garbage?  Maybe you should go a little further afield and take a walk in the country. Find me a farmer’s field that is not polluted by chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Now here is a tough one… find me anywhere in the world for the last 30 years that any child has been able to breath clean air.

I hope that you are beginning to understand the terrible condition our world is in. Air that we should not be breathing. Water that is unsafe to bathe in let alone drink. Poisons in our farmers fields that find their way into your child’s body. As the Music Man put it “We got troubles right here in River City’.

Humanity needs you to join the Resistance. Join by educating yourself about local issues. Pick up some trash. Write a letter to the editor. Start a Blog. Go to a meeting. Make your own carbon footprint smaller. Join a group.

It really doesn’t matter how you join just so long as you join.   

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