Improper desire is a great cover for just about any sin you can imagine. Yes i did use the ‘S’ word. Sinning is not a Born Again Christian idea. Sinning simply means to be guilty. Admittedly usually you are guilty of breaking a teaching from one or another God but it is a fluid concept. And if Scrooge McDuck can swim in gold i can be fluid with my definition.

What is it you desire? That is going to be a hard question to answer because it will require incredible honesty and self reflection. Let me ask it another way… what do you spend your most time and energy fantasizing about? ‘More money, faster horses, older whiskey and younger women’ was how one cowboy answered this question. 

But how do you answer it? Do you want to have the latest smart phone? Perhaps a better job? Are you looking for the one big score to set yourself up for life? How about spiritual enlightenment. Maybe simply a clear conscience? True love? Peace? Contentment?

i am not gong to tell you what you should be searching for. If you listen to the Buddha within, or the sacred Spirit or as some call it your conscience you will know what you need to look for. But i will leave you with a little bit of excellent advice:

Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you!

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