At another time in my life I was the Haisla Lepled. It was a time of learning for me. One of my more important lessons was that suicide is rarely an act of surrender. A desperate act yes, but an act of affirmation and power. Apparently Tibet’s exiled Prime Minister has been taught the same hard lesson.

I believe that self immolation is wrong. Wrong because the Chinese government will not be moved by any number of Tibetan deaths. In these circumstances to self immolate is simply a wasted effort.

I also believe that these Tibetans are brave, courageous, determined warriors who are wiling to lay down their lives for the good of their people. I do not agree with their means but I certainly approve of the end they are working towards.

I can see only one possible way these suicides will stop; China must pull out of Tibet.
Regrettably I can see no way short of war for this to happen.  
War is not good. But neither is this occupation.
Does no one have the needed wisdom?

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