Henry the VIII Full Body Armor

Where do you find your safety? Do you have a full suit of body / psychic armor? Perhaps you put your faith in prayer to an all powerful God? i imagine there are as many ways to feel safe as there are people. 

What if i was to tell you that i can show you the way to perfect safety and serenity? Would you believe me? Just in case the answer was yes i also have a patent on the elixir of life and a treatise on how to change dirt into gold! Just go line up at the cash register and while i do accept credit cards i will not take your cheque.
There is no safety in our world. There is caution, prudence even occasionally common sense but there is no safety. Which is not to say i do not offer prayers and perform rituals of safety. i do! This sounds like a contradiction and indeed it is a contradiction but it is my reality.
i have a suspicion that i am not alone with this duality. You are the only one who can answer for your beliefs and actions but i would be surprised if we are all that different. We all need to feel safe. We are communal and part of being communal is the belief that personal safety is connected to the herd. When the herd dissolves or proves itself not up to the task we bring in Gods. Such is our life. 

There is however one request i must make of you. 
Please do not create your illusion  of safety on the real pain of others. 

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