I am not En-lightened of my Dark Side. I still find days when I want to get up close and personal with some of my neighbours in a very evil way. Today is one of those days. The reason for this desire is really quite simple… I have not developed anything even remotely close to what some call ‘The Great Compassion’.

Because of my laziness I still get aggravated when my neighbours crank up their music at what to me is just way to early in the morning. Such was the start of my day this morning. This morning at about 05:30!

The good news is that instead of loosing it and being an idiot I kept it together. I slowed down my pounding heart, loosened my stomach muscles, relaxed my mind and stayed in bed.  Even went back to sleep listening to the Heart Sutra.

Later today, after coffee and this rant I will be offering a prayer of thanks for the teachers that live around me. I will offer them merit from my day. And I will mean it. But I must admit that it would be nicer not to need such teachers. Sigh!    

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