HHDL has made the very accurate observation that it is impossible to talk to someone who has only a mouth and no ears. Our neighbour is like that. Now lest you think I am simply an intolerant old fool please realize that these people are by agreement of the whole community the worst neighbours here. It was a very sad day when they decided to squat beside us. 

Over the last two years we have tried various approaches to them. We moved through reasoning, pleading, educating, yelling, ignoring and as a final desperate tactic the police.  They convinced them that they would be in a lot of pain if they had to come back again. Our neighbours not wishing to be hospitalized behaved themselves. At least until about a week ago when their daughter gave them a music system that they have been using anytime between 06:00 and 22:00 just as loud as it will go. 

This time I took a different route… meditation walks and cunning. I remembered that at one point I was composting and burning near their house. They disliked the smell and asked me to quit. Trying to live my faith I was a good neighbour and moved my compost and burning area. Today I told my neighbour that if they did not lower their music I would start composting and burning again beside them because if  I could not enjoy that part of my yard for anything else I might as well use it for composting. 

Music went down. Maybe a coincidence or I just might have found where she hides her ears. 

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