Wayda go my byron jimmy, awsome work keep it up kid♥ Thanks to his uncle Brad Starr for teaching him
 — with Byron Grant.

Without wishing to sound uppity I happen to know more than one world class Indigenous artist. You have seen some of them in my blogs. Each and every one of them had someone like Byron’s uncle Brad Starr in their lives. But as important as Brad Starr is, much more is needed.

Byron needs and has the love and support of his family. He needs to learn his stories. He needs to learn his language. Equally important he needs to learn the language of the land. He needs to learn the stories of the land. In a nutshell he needs to learn what it meant and what it means to be Haisla. 
If Byron will take the effort to learn and to develop his skills he will find and live in a world that neither I nor you will ever be able to. This is not to say it will be a better world than yours or mine. But it will be a world that has been passed down and shared through time immemorial. A world that we outsiders will only ever be able to see dimly as through an unpolished copper  mirror.  
Sixty years of life lived within many cultures has taught me many truths.  One of these truths is that we need Byron Grant and all the Byron Grants around the world to accept the challenge to become who they are. If they will, their lives and our world will be a richer more beautiful and more loving world as we all share our stories.   
!Go for it Byron!

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