A diagram showing the Milky Way disk of stars and some satellite galaxies. The ‘our neighbourhood’ section shows the approximate position of the Earth’s solar system within the disk. (Courtesy of Lawrence Widrow/Queen’s University)

I am an amateur astronomer. Put me out under a clear dark sky and I am going to enjoy myself. I enjoy the beauty, the mystery and the awe that gazing up at the heavens produces in my spirit, mind, soul. The story that goes with this picture is just one small example of what I mean.

100,000,000 years ago our galaxy had a collision with another galaxy. When I, or you look  up we are seeing the ongoing results of that collision. Any event that is still going on after one hundred million years impresses me.

So the next time your head is getting just a little too big for your hat go outside on a clear night and realize your own insignificance. But on those nights when you are feeling defeated or even just a little insignificant go outside.

Look up and realize you are part of this incredible Universe and without you we all would be lessened. 

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