Take a good look at this mans face. Take a good look because he is your brother, your father, your grandfather, your son, your grandchild. The people that are destroying his land and his life by building the Belo Monte Dam in Brazil are the same people that will be coming for you and yours if you happen to live on or in an area they want.

Ask the Palestinians about their story, it is the same story as the Xikrin are now telling. Perhaps ask a Jew about the Holocaust. Do you need to ask someone closer to home? If so and you live in America talk to some one from the Lakota nation or perhaps the Blackfoot, Sioux, Haisla, Haida or any other First nation.

The 21st Century is one of those horrible centuries where one source of wealth and power, oil in this case, is running out. This means that those who have built their power around oil need to find their next power base. In Brazil it is hydro electric.  In Canada it is the Athabasca Tar Sands and potable water. We have moved into the time of the Resource Wars.

Resource Wars are not about stockpiling gold or silver as in the time of the Conquistadors. Resource Wars are about controlling what you and I need to live. Water, fuel, food, electricity, housing materials are the new gold and silver.

You have a simple choice, become a slave or join the Resistance   

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