My Friend and teacher Jaada Hlgaa. She is one of many women who have taken the time to teach me.

I believe as many do that Rio+20 was a disaster for Mother Earth. The major polluters did not even bother to show up. The rest simply agreed to continue with the status quo. In other words nothing is going to change and we are all in trouble big time.

I believe that it is time to move past the ineptness of our governments and to turn to the people that can actually change things for the better. I believe it is time we stepped aside and returned the stewardship of our Mother Earth to the rightful stewards, the women.

I know that this blog will be seen by women from many different nations and cultures. Some will be from the great plains. Others will be mountain or coastal dwellers. Do you live in the tropics or the frozen north? Wherever you live your history and stories tell the same truth… women create men destroy.

If humanity is gong to survive it will not be men who insure the survival it will be women. I hope the women who read these words will agree and find a way to gather. If you will come together with strength, wisdom and compassion humanity may survive. If you don’t we are doomed.

Please, for all of  us….find a way.

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