The first time I flew into CDO there was a huge billboard situated so you could not miss it as you left the airport. It advertised skin whitener. That was @ 20 years ago and not much has changed. Movie actors and actresses generally have long noses and pale skin. The beautiful people are often the whitish people. Preachers in just about any church switch into English to emphasize the important points. Americanitis is big in the Philippines. Go ahead call me a racist.

China is a nasty violent cruel country with very little respect for differing opinions. They have destroyed much of their land and imprisoned many of their people. They have been attempting to assimilate Tibet since the early 50’s. Their regime is based upon terror, death, and the cowardice of the rest of the world to stand up to them. Go ahead call me a racist.

Canada is an apartheid country that has attempted genocide in the past and will again in the future. Go ahead call me a racist.

The sexual assaults, incest, rape, and alcoholism on reserves in Canada and the States have as much to do with the culture on reserve as off. 

Go ahead call me a racist.
Labeling me a racist will not change reality and it won’t shut me up!

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