The picture on the left is not staged nor photo shopped. It is an actual historic picture showing US Troops as they admire their handiwork. Lakota men, women and children being given a mass burial after a mass execution / massacre. Reminds me of Auschwitz.

History is always written by the winners. U.S. history is no exception. The U.S. handed out more than one Congressional Medal of Honour for this butchery. If you would like to know the reality behind the mythology than please click this link.

I write this blog on the day America celebrates as Independence Day. I want you to realize that your independence was paid for by the blood of hundreds of thousands of women and children that lived in Turtle Island in a unique and good way. They were not perfect, they had warriors and wars. They also had a culture that valued the wisdom of women, honesty, bravery, family and friends. Your American Suffragettes based many of their beliefs on the Iroquois Nation that saw the need for women to be people of authority.

America your Independence Day is celebrated in the blood of the Lakota at Wounded Knee.
The Lakota are only one of many nations that have paid your piper!


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