Archbishop Desmond Tutu has for many years been a world class excretion agitator. His new book promises to keep the agitator agitating. I wish I had already read this book but for now it is on my wish list.

What I have been able read are some of the comments posted to the Huff Post story on his new book. The following comment caught my eye:

‘tutu is a funny man…….JESUS IS GOD and GOD is JESUS’

Kejavas is at least partly correct Archbishop Desmond Tutu does indeed have a great sense of humour. he is also correct that from a conservative Christian perspective Jesus is God and God is Jesus.
But he is also partly wrong. Jesus was not a Christian. Christians were followers of Jesus. Jesus was born and raised a Jew. So by kejavas’s logic God must also be Jewish.

I am not trying to prove kejavas wrong. Nor am I attempting to show how much better my logic is than his. I am simply trying to point out one simple truth. When anyone limits G-d to their own understanding harm is done to our world. 

If you or me or anyone uses G-d to separate, to make lists of us and them, to create conflict then you, me or anyone else is blaspheming the Sacred. To take what is best described as ‘Perfected Love’ and turn it into a weapon of hatred and fear is Blasphemy.

1 John 4:16 (YLT, Gateway)16 and we — we have known and believed the love, that God hath in us; God is love, and he who is remaining in the love, in God he doth remain, and God in him.

As the wise woman put it; Truly love G-d and then do whatever pleases your conscience.

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