Members of indigenous communities from Malku Kota region, march during a protest in La Paz, Bolivia, Thursday. The protest was against mining operations on their lands by the Canadian mining company South American Silver Corp. (Juan Karita/Associated Press)


There used to be a popular phrase in use around the world, ‘The ugly American’. Now there is a new phrase that is becoming popular in some circles, ‘The Deadly Canadian’. In many parts of the world Canadian mining corporations are only able to make their profits when the opposition to their greed is held at bay by goons with guns.

As a Canadian I truly wish this was not the case but it simply is the new Canadian reality. To prove my point I will offer you two links. Link one goes to a Google search ‘canadian mining corporations violent protests’. Link two takes you to a single article about deadly Canadian mining corporations.

If I had my choice I do believe I would rather be an Ugly American rather than a Deadly Canadian

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