Part of our garden as it was about 3 years ago

Seems strange to me but when I did a Google search on ‘Alone’ I brought up  pages and pages of pictures of people, often in groups and sometimes copulating. Seems that ‘Alone’ is not exactly popular… and yet I miss it so.

Have you ever been alone? I don’t mean alone in your room or driving alone in a car. I mean have you ever been where if you were to have an accident and die you might never be found? I mean have you ever realized that when you step out of your boat you might be the first person to ever stand where you are about too?

If I was Shakespeare, Chaucer, Milton or any other great poet I still doubt that I could express the feeling of being alone surrounded by Mother Earth and realizing as I drift off to sleep that my waking up in the morning is very much dependent upon how well I prepared where I am going to sleep.

For many reasons I doubt that I will again have that experience… and I do miss it so 

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