You can choose to either live in Hate or Love.

Are you someone who hates everything? If you are might I ask you one simple question? I can? Okay… why are you a hater? Now don’t worry I do not expect you to write me a comment. But I do hope you will take the time to answer the question for your own enlightenment. 

Seeing as you already hate me I am going to suggest something you may not agree with. Hatred is no good! All it does is ruin your digestion, make you ugly  and behave stupidly. The trouble is that hatred is addictive. Sooner or later every hater becomes enslaved to their hatred. You get stuck in a self fulfilling prophecy and rut that is darn hard to get out of.  But never fear for I am here and I will tell you one way out of your addiction and rut.

You need to find just one thing not to hate. I don’t care if it is a comic book or a rocket ship just find one thing that you can force yourself not to hate. Once you have begun not to hate it try to like it. Eventually you might be able to love it. 

If you can you will have broken your addiction to hate and started a life of Love.
Trust me you will have much better digestion and look better.
But there is no guaranty you won’t still  behave stupidly.
Love makes us all a little stupid now and again!

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