A coprolite, or fossilized human excrement, that dates back to approximately 14,000 years ago. (Cheng Lily Li)

I am having a coprolite sort of moment. In the last few days there have been multiple deaths, accidents and one old friend who has surfaced in my life.

Christine and I met almost fourty-five years ago. Life was sharp, bitter-sweet and rushing to somewhere. Now life is subtler, smoother, with a cacophony of scents and I stroll rather than rush. 

My mother is 80+ and fell while walking last week. Badly bruised but this time nothing broken. These things will and do happen. Eventually it will be the final fall.

Bruce Robinson was just one too many who died. We are about the same age. I should be at his funeral but I won’t be because old age and reality stop me. 

Definitely having a coprolite moment.

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