Amazon Watch is one of the groups that I use to keep informed of what is happening on the South American Resource War Front. Dr. Myra Vivares-Waddington (my wife) whose doctoral is in Peace and Development is also impressed with the quality of their reporting and of the injustice of the Belo Monte Dam project.

My wife and I are peace activists. We live in the Philippines but are involved in many areas around the world. You can be too. The genocide and ecocide that the rich of our world perpetrate on the 99% to maintain their privileged position must stop. They have no right to steal our children’s future. They have no right to poison us so they can live in luxury.

We have the duty and the responsibility to stop their reign of terror. I urge all of you to watch the video, to educate yourselves and then to get involved in ways that make sense to you. 

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