Bullying does not only happen in the schoolyard or the playground. It also happens in villages or communities. Fact is Bullies thrive wherever people are cowards. I wish there was a nicer way to put it but sometimes a spade is just a damn shovel.

This morning before 07:00 our neighbours cranked up their music. I tried to get them to lower it and they just laughed. I talked to others and while they agreed that it was way too loud they would neither complain to the authorities nor to the Bullies. Their reason was that if they complained the Bullies would get mad. Like I said cowards. 

They are willing to have their children deafened, their peace shattered, and their community destroyed because they are afraid of offending the drunks and idiots that bully them. They get what they deserve!

My wife and I will continue to fight against the bullies.  We will ask them to quiet down. We will contact the police. We will make life as hard as we can for the bullies. Today I told them that they could either play nice or I would build a piggery beside their kitchen and arrange it so that it would drain into their yard. They did not take me seriously. Hope they enjoy living in shit.  

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