I can’t even spell ‘Exacerbation‘ without looking it up but I am having one. Not to worry though it took me years to be able to spell ‘Multiple Sclerosis’ and being able to spell it or not has not changed the fact that I have M.S..

It started yesterday. I have no idea how long it will continue or how severe it may become. I could go blind either temporarily or permanently. I might find myself unable to walk or move from the neck down. Exhaustion, numbness, loss of balance, slurring my speech or good old cotton brain are all possibilities. Life is certainly not boring with M.S.!

There is however a more odious result of my having M.S…. the pain it causes my wife. She knew I had M.S. before we married but she could not possibly know the pain of loving and living with someone who is slowly but surely being destroyed by an incurable disease. This is really hard on her.

So here is my request for all who read this and believe in prayer. Pray for those who love and live with the incurably diseased or the terminally ill. They need all the help they can get.

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