I want it to be like it was. I want Canada to go away. All we need to do to solve all our problems is to return to our Golden Age. Time to wake up folks the only way to create a better world is to move into the future not the past. 

The game of Golden Age Mythology is jut so darn addictive. The only thing more addictive is ‘The Blame Game’. It is not my fault you made me do it. Your people made my people into bad people. It is the white mans fault. The Devil made me do it! Time to wake up folks. You are who you are because of your choices not because of what was done to you. 

I was sexually, physically and emotionally raped by my father. I am now an alcoholic but I am not a drunk. The fact that I am an alcoholic may well be found in my upbringing or my genes. That I am not a drunk is found in my choices. 

If you want a better life for yourself, your family, your friends and your people then find a way to make the choices that will take all of you into a better future. Leave the Golden Age Mythology in the past and stop playing the Blame Game. 

You make a better future not by whining about the past but by making the choices that will work to create the future the way you need it to be for you and yours.

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