I am a controlled  alcoholic. But this Blog is not about why you or anyone else should not drink so please read on and see if you agree with my possibly true insights.

I have not willingly had a drink in over 20 years. But even when I was at the height of my drinking and was simply never sober  a bottle of single malt would take me the better part of a year to sip my way through. I drank single malt because it was and is the elixir of the G-ds!

As for the wine, gin, whiskey, vodka, beer, cider, or anything else with alcohol in it I drank it because it changed my reality. Drink allowed me to create my own little world where things were simply more survivable than when I was sober. Over the years I have found other healthier and more constructive ways to create a better world. But for decades it was done with the aid of mind altering substances.

Over the last 20 or so years I have noticed one incontestable fact: There are very few cultures / societies / nations where the majority of the people do not use mind altering chemicals on a regular basis. Sometimes it is a benign as caffeine (my drug of choice). Often it is a much more lethal drug. This behaviour stretches across all races, creeds, religions, and locations.

 Many of you at this point will be disagreeing with me so here is the challenge to help with the following question. Make a list of people you know who do not use recreational drugs / alcohol at least once a week. I am willing to bet you will find very few who do not have one toke or one glass of wine or whiskey in a week. Now make a list of fun things you and yours do where drugs / alcohol are reeadily available. Not always consumed but available just in case. Now compare that to the number of fun things you and yours do where drugs / alcohol are not readily available. If you are like most people/ families the second list will be the shorter list. 

My question to you is: what is so wrong with your culture that most people can not get through seven days without the need to escape through drugs of one type or another?


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