We have been trying for two years to get our neighbours to be good neighbours. We have had limited success. Once we had the police convince them that if they were drunk, noisy and violent after 22:00 they would be hurt they stopped that annoying habit.  We are still having trouble with drunk, noisy and violent before 22:00 but we may have found a solution. I gave then a choice between piling up option ‘A’ where they have built their kitchen beside our land  if they continued to be loud, drunk and violent;


or creating option B in the same location if they would become good neighbours;



When I first gave them their option they laughed at me and turned the music up. After a week of piling manure in the corner of our land that is 1 meter from where they built their kitchen they are no longer laughing. Nor are they loud, drunk and violent. If this new behaviour continues I will put in a pond where there is now a large pile of really fresh manure. But being prudent I will leave an area for a fresh manure pile and I will make sure they know it is there.

The Gospel of St. Waddington 2:1 Sometimes it is better to negotiate by promising what someone doesn’t want than offering them what they desire. 


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