Tlakwagila Copperman and I do not always see eye to eye. But I have posted his words here because our eyes, hearts and spirits are in agreement on this issue. He is an Elder but even if he wasn’t I would follow his teaching on this horror. I hope and pray you will also heed his teachings.

Tlakwagila Copperman shared Glakwa Kweenie‘s photo.
We continue to live in a social, spiritual vacuum, as many nations who suffered a holocaust that is most devastating because it continues today with the oppressed becoming the those who bring oppression to their own. This is most evident where to me where I live and continue to walk a road of healing. We must continue to bring to our people the need for healing on a multinational scale.

There have been great religious revivals that many are still followers of yet churches are empty today because they are a symbol of those first oppressors who were the religious leaders during this great holocaust of First Nations of Canada. These religious leaders were supported by the government, a government which continues to oppress to this day. A government that threatens to destroy what we have left with stinking fish farms and dirty oil. These environmental threats are destroyers that will come to the land and the sea if left unchallenged by this country. We must speak out, share our stories so those how are lost can know how and why they continue to struggle as survivors.

The way out of survivalism is the way of healing, a spiritual healing that I’ve found in the sweatlodge, a healing which promotes the disciplines of fasting and prayer, singing together, and crying together, supporting each other on THE ROAD OF RECOVERY.

We do not need to continue thinking as survivors, we can begin the journey of healing by no longer locking out memories but talking them out so we can move on. We can move into leadership and become the spiritual leaders today. The chains of bondage are fear, shame, and guilt and THEY CAN BE BROKEN, I KNOW this to be TRUTH.

I am so thankful to those who lead the way as teachers, healers, and visionaries. Thank you, Gilakela to you who bring Truth and Love to the Nations.

Tlakwagila, House of Walkus.

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