My friend teaches kindergarten in the Philippines. They have entrusted her with the mental and physical well being of @ 50 children. She gets paid P3000.00 per month. A new police constable right out of training gets @ P20,000.00. The federal government has decided to buy 10 new attack helicopters. 

The brand-new machines will upgrade the fleet of US-made MG-520 light attack helicopters that the air force has been using since the 1990s. “What we are going to get are armed attack helicopters… that can carry more payload than the MG-520,” Okol told AFP. He declined to specify the cost of the acquisition but said the government had already allocated the required funds. The new aircraft will be used for “internal security operations, border security and support operations,” he said.’ 

Apparently there is lots of money available for killing Philippino’s but not much for educating them.
Go figure! 


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