I was watching a documentary about the Battle of the Bulge. One of the survivors talked about how he should forget it and get on with his life. … ‘it never goes away, sometimes it sleeps but then it wakes up.’

That is what my childhood horror is like, it sleeps but it never goes away. I know I am not alone. There are many survivors out there who have the same problem. Some of us were scooped up by the government and placed into Residential Schools to be raped and abused.  Perhaps you were sent to Parochial School and done by a priest? Or are you like me and it was your father, uncle, mother, brother or sister that destroyed your childhood?

It really doesn’t matter who did it or how it was done. What matters is that all of us have found ways to survive. We have found a way to live with the horrors that sometimes sleep but never leave. I offer you my compassion and a spirit that recognizes my kin in pain. I also hope and pray that you have found ways that are not too destructive to keep the monsters sleeping.  

I know how hard it is to keep them asleep. I watch a documentary about a WW2 battle and once it is over I need to write this because my monsters are awake again.  

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