In the Philippines Ramadan starts either today or tomorrow depending upon being able to see the moon. I don’t know about you but for me any faith that has it’s Sacred time grounded in human / nature interaction gets a thumbs up from me. To recognize our connection to our home is perhaps the most sacred of all actions.

It is also a big bonus to think of this Holy Season as being built upon Mercy, Forgiveness and Freedom. For those who are not literate in Judaism these three touchstones are very similar to ‘Do Justice, Love Mercy and walk humbly with your Lord’ which has often been called the essence of Judaism. These three ideals are of course expressed in many faiths found round the world.

Seems to me that if we really want to try to get along with our neighbours Mercy, Forgiveness, Freedom and Humility would be a great place to start! Why not give it a try? I’m going to by trying to show the worst neighbours in our community a little forgiveness.

I won’t be offering them Freedom to be viscous and stupid. Nor will I offer them Mercy which would be mistaken for weakness and only encourage them to continue their actions. But Forgiveness will ease the tension and maybe allow for an improved relationship. And even if nothing changes on their side my spirit will be easier for offering Forgiveness.

Now I offer thanks to those who follow Islam as a faith of Mercy, Forgiveness and Freedom, you have helped me to recognize a better way of living. May Allah be praised.

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