Lets just assume that it really is guns and not people that kill. Then there are a lot of Murderous Guns in America
Assuming guns kill and people don’t is it really safe to live where there are more guns than people?
This information was found on Dr. Gary Cohan’s Face Book page ‘The Medical Soapbox‘ 

2 thoughts on “Okay Guns Are The Killers Not People ~ Is It Really Safe To Live Where There Are More Guns Than People?

  1. The reason that I did not put up the figures per capita is simply that I wanted to post theses figures. I was not trying to 'mis' lead just lead. As with any statistical analysis it is easy enough to pick and choose figures to make a point. My point is simply that more guns equals more deaths by guns.If my conscience, my wife and the Goddess of Mercy would not have smacked me down I could have just as easily used NRA figures to prove the opposite point.

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