Jess Housty is one of many people who Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper, Enbridge, and China did not believe existed. She is a women of the Heiltsuk nation who has been trained and educated in both traditional and Anglo-European traditions. She has the ability to function in many different arenas and she is using her skills to fight for what she believes is right.  She is not one of a kind.

Without naming names of people who might not wish to enter the spotlight I can name the nations that some of Jess Housty’s sisters live in;

Haida, Haisla, Gitxsan, Lakota, Navajo, Hopi, Canada, Russia, Britain, New Zealand, Panama, Brazil, Ecuador, Tibet, China and on and on and on.

I know grandmothers in wheel chairs, others in A.I.M.. Some that ride Harley’s and others that stroll through parks with their lovers. They all are in the battle to save our world from the ‘Royal Road To Hell’ it is now moving down.

The Earth Mothers are Mother Earths ultimate weapon. 
They will not loose.
We will all win

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