Bella Bella is a coastal village in B.C. Canada. Like any small community they hold fund raisers for local events. While they were raising funds for a local camp this granny showed up to have her picture taken. She loves her family and her community as you love yours.  She believes, as I do and as people around the world do that a bright future for our grandchildren means a future not based upon carbon based fuels.  

The Canadian Government, the Chinese Government, the Oil Industry and many powerful lobbies, groups and people disagree with her. They believe their bright future is dependent upon carbon based fuels and they are willing to sacrifice her grandson for their greed.
This granny needs our help and I am not talking about financial help. She needs our prayers. She needs us to get involved by writing letters to our politicians. She needs us to educate the next generation to understand that there is a better way to be a part of this world. And as important as any of the above she needs to know she is not alone. That there are other grannies, other mothers, fathers and grandfathers that care as much as she does. You can let her know by leaving a comment on this blog. 

                                                                        Please help her to help her grandson. 

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