According to the Catholic Bishops in the Philippines we have entered into ‘open war!’ Not open war against the godless communists, nor the infidel Muslims, not even against criminals… open war against ‘The Church.’

Believe it or not our President actually wants to pass a bill on reproductive health. Yes indeed he does! He wants the government to make it legal to buy birth control pills, condoms, and other assorted means of birth control. There are even rumors whispered in dark corners that he might provide government funding to the poor for contraception. In the darkest of dark corners it is whispered that under very strict conditions it might even be legal to have an abortion.

This of course does not go down well with the Roman Catholic church which in many ways still rules the Philippines. Time will tell who wins this open war. I hope it is the people that win.

The current population of the Philippines is @ 100,000,000 (one hundred million). By 2030 the number will be approaching 200,000,000 (two hundred million). With a population of only 100 million there are already millions who depend upon ‘pagpag‘ to live. People sell their sons and daughters to rich old men. War Lords have their own kingdoms and child soldiers are the norm.  

The Philippines does not need another hundred million poor people. It does not even need another hundred million well off or rich people. The Philippines does need affordable reliable contraception for the people.

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