Cheryl Ann Grant I”m so proud of my son, his baba’s let him check the net himself in kemano, and this is what he got, isnt it ever so big, keep up the awsome hard work son, were all so proud of you, such a hard worker like your baba charlie & dub sr ♥ thank you both for teaching my son what he needs to know 😀 I”m one proud mom♥

When I shared in her joy by sharing her picture of Byron (I am adopted into her village) she wrote me a somewhat longer explanation of the picture;

Cheryl wrote: “byron was out in kemano with 2 granfathers, and 2 of his grandmothers, and one uncle, his been fishing and gutting fish since he was 3yrs old, i’m so very thankful for the teachings that were brought to me and my kids, the grandparents i speak of are my mom and her sister melva, along with their 2 brothers charlie, and James wilson, aka “Dub-ba-da,on this day his grandfathers let my son byron check the net himself, and this is what he got, they said it was a 50lb sockeye,my son in this picture is 11yrs old, I am one proud mother today for my sons hard work he does for me and his grandparents, my mom flora took this picture and got one for me a 8×10 and framed it, on my way home i was showing it off to family and friends, this really means alot to me that his grandparents on the wilson side have so much patients to teach my son what he knows today, I can go on and on and on bragging about him but i’m getting tired, lol, “Keep up the awsome hard work son” you make momma so proud”

I love my village and the fact that with all the changes that have happened over the years the love and the traditions are still alive and getting stronger!


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