“The legal morass is daunting in and of itself. Then there’s the other possibility of direct action on the part of the people on a very large, thinly settled area with few roads that are difficult to police,” he said. “Even though the federal government has the powers under existing jurisprudence, politically it’s quite different. The province is unlikely to foment guerrilla warfare. The Conservatives might lose seats, there might be political backlash. But there’s a different history with First Nations. Who knows what happens if you use all the legal powers you actually have under those conditions?”

I know what ‘could’ happen. People could die. There is a strong belief among some that it would be better to become an ancestor than to have this pipeline built. I am not one who believes in violent civil disobedience but if the government pushes this pipeline I may well become a minority. 
A thousand kilometers of pipeline is a very long route to protect from serious warriors. Especially serious warriors that know the territory, know the people, and have ways to disappear quickly. I pray and hope that this scenario will not come to pass. But I am afraid that it will.
Canadian troops have stood toe to toe against First Nation warriors at the Oka Crisis and while they stood tall so did the Mohawk. The Oka Crisis was in a single location, easy to access, in good weather and the best that the Canadian Forces could claim was a standoff that ended almost peacefully. How well will they do in mountainous terrain that covers a thousand kilometers?  How will they do at 40 below zero in a blizzard? Will it still end in an almost peaceful way? I think not.
I think we are on the cusp of a guerrilla war in Canada along the Afghannian style. If this comes to pass… everyone will loose. Let everyone pray that I am wrong and this will be settled peacefully.

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