Many spiritual paths claim that it is only as we learn to ignore the sensual pleasures and see this world for the corrupted horror it really is that we can progress along the path. I love the human senses. I thoroughly enjoy the pleasures my body can bring to my mind. Pleasures such as the scents found on the wind, the colours of a dew covered spiders web at dawn, or waking up beside the woman who has shared my life for nearly a quarter of a century.

I am turning sixty-one in about another month and I believe that any spiritual path that teaches we need to give up on sensuality to progress spiritually is just plain wrong. To become all that we can be requires that we do not travel alone.

Genesis 2  can be and has been understood in many different ways. My understanding is that humans were created or have evolved into beings that are symbiotic. We can never be whole without another to complete us. Buddhism talks of a proper balance between Yin and Yang. Judaism and Christianity say ‘the two shall become one.’

To be human means to be balanced in the masculine and feminine. To be both requires another to share our life and our bed. It is how we were created/evolved. Without the ‘other’ we can never be complete.

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