Many Christians believe suicide is a mortal sin but that to offer your life for the life of another is an expression of Love. Some Buddhists see self immolation as an acceptable political protest. There are Islamist’s who believe a martyr attains Paradise.

I believe that when my quality of life falls below an acceptable level I have the ‘right’ to kill myself rather than to suffer needlessly.

This is more than idle speculation or theorizing. I am into my sixties and have had M.S. for over thirty years. Secondary progressive M.S. is not often a lot of laughs. Not that I am nearing that quality of life that would be unacceptable to me but one never knows when or if the time will come with this disease.

 We had a friend who had Alzheimer’s. For the last ten years of his life he was a comatose bed ridden vegetable. I do not wish to end my life that way.

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