A romantic dinner for two? Lets go grab a coffee. Come on in we were just sitting down to dinner!  
A long time ago shamed and disgraced I left the village that adopted me. It took almost ten years for the time to be right to return. When I did it was with my new wife. We drove into the village and the streets were empty. Eventually I parked the car and not being sure of my welcome left Myra and went to see if I could find anyone. 
I found many people at a ‘gathering’ The speeches were just over and everyone was eating. Eventually some one looked up and out the window and saw me. It took what seemed like an eternity but they did recognize me. I was brought into the gathering and was made welcome. One of the first questions was ‘where is Myra?’ When they found out she was in the car they told me to go get her. They sat us down and fed us. We both knew the shame and disgrace were forgotten and forgiven and that we were home.
Many things have changed in the village since we returned (and regrettably had to once again leave). But some things remain the same. The sharing of life and love through shared food is still the same. 

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