I will keep the words and sentences short. Plain and blunt is about to hit the fan. Once you reach adulthood as defined by your society you are responsible for your choices. Quit being a mental victim. Accept that you are responsible and in control. Accept because if you don’t you will never be anything but a tool for someone else.

It was not better in North America before the white man arrived. There was rape, murder, greed, war, lust, stupidity and lack of respect.

Tibet had wars, civil unrest, suicides and aggression against it’s neighbours and citizens before China invaded. 

England managed to rape about 1/3rd of the world because of her industrialization.

Blacks in Africa sold other Blacks to Whites who took the slaves to America. 

Accept that you are responsible for your life. Accept that you have more responsibility than either rights or privileges. Accept that the only one who can make your life better is you. Accept that you choose to be a victim or to not be a victim every day, every hour, every minute, every second of your life. 

It is time to grow up people.  

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