Yesterday I published this Blog:

I then became involved in the following discussion:

Friday FosterYesterday 07:53
So 400 years of oppression wasn’t the white man’s fault? Whose fault was it? Evil fairies? This seems to be more about denying responsibility.

Larry GradyYesterday 08:00
Well, I see it’s time to hit the ole “Block” button, to weed out some more wingnuts!!!

J. Brian WaddingtonYesterday 08:03Edit
Not at all. I take responsibility for my actions. I was not there 400 or 300 or 200 years ago. Either were you. The four hundred years of oppression you refer to happened when and where? Canada is less than 200 years old and the States is not 400 years old?

Are you referring to the slave system in what became Africa? If so the oppression was much longer than 400 years.

I am responsible for my life. I can be a victim or I can be in control. I choose ‘control’ . Expand this comment »

J. Brian WaddingtonYesterday 08:06Edit
+Larry Grady maybe I am a wingnut. certainly by declaring for personal responsibility I am not on the popular side of life. 

Friday FosterYesterday 08:19
Slavery were brought to this country in 1619. Jim Crow was banned less than 50 years ago. For every dollar of wealth owned by the typical white family, the typical black family had 10 cents. White children get over $1,000 of tax money spent on their educations than white kids to. Black women earn 70 to every dollar a white man makes. Black people face harsher penalties for crime than whites do and one black is killed by police every 40 hours. Since Trayvon Martin there have been 4 killings of black men, children and groups of blacks. Black homes with the same amenities are worth less because of the color of the occupants skin. Whites can walk away from cocaine possession when blacks are given mandatory sentencing. Blacks are given less pain medication when hospitalized and are undiagnosed during medical exams. I could keep going but I sure you have plenty of racist reasoning and denial for each of these facts. I don’t know how you ended up in my Buddhist circle you certainly have no compassion.Expand this comment »

Hilaire DufresneYesterday 08:34 (edited)

I suggest that you go to the Doctrine of Discovery seminar that you posted about yesterday. Or are you just one of those people who romanticizes Native American culture and spirituality?

J. Brian WaddingtonYesterday 08:38Edit
I deny nothing that you write. It is undeniably true.

Possibly i am included in a Buddhist circle because I try to follow the teachings of HHDL.

As for my racist reasoning? of course I am a racist. Humans have a built in ‘us versus them’ mentality. The question is not ‘if i am a racist’ the question is ‘do I take responsibility for my racism and fight against it’. It is my hope that I do fight against it.

Slavery may have been brought to what was to become the U.S. in 1619 but it had been in Turtle Island for thousands of years before the whites arrived. It was also in continental Africa for thousands of years before the whites arrived. Slavery has always been a part of human history.

My point which you for some reason do not accept is that what matters is how we behave, do we accept responsibility or do we blame it on …

The people of all colours who rode the Freedom Trains who stood with Martin Luther King Jr. accepted that it was their responsibility to live peacefully and not be victims. As did those who stood with Gandhi. Expand this comment »

J. Brian WaddingtonYesterday 08:44Edit
Actually I am one of those people who was adopted, named, and taught by a First Nation. I am one of those people who lives in a multi racial situation and is married to a woman whose ancestry is different than mine. If you would care to look at my blog you will find i am dead set against golden age mythology.

Apparently declaring that we are all responsible for our lives makes me racist, a golden age myther, non compassionate and a wing nut. And foolish me thought that Buddhism was all about personal responsibility. But then i was also taught that the Sweat Lodge is all about personal responsibility.

guess i am just a racist nutter who had bad teachers. Expand this comment »

Friday FosterYesterday 10:08

The old I am not a racist, my best friend, wife, ect is black, yellow, brown, red. Typical racist denial.
I give you data and you give me Africans had slaves. So did Greeks & Roman and they were white, so your typical derailing technique is moot. Martin Luther King placed the blame where it belonged centuries of federally mandated white affirmative action and racial terrorism. King was hated by most whites by the time. He was denounced as a communist & a race baiter and was assassinated by a white man. You need to read some of his work, before you start using his name to justify your biases. Do you tell your native American friends that it is there responsibility that their demographics are much worse that African Americans? I definitely need to vet my circles more carefully somehow the bigots still manage to get through. Expand this comment »

J. Brian WaddingtonYesterday 10:20Edit

Actually I am not denying that i am a racist. It is the common condition of humanity.

The data you gave me I agreed with!

What i gave you was that slavery has been and always will be part of the human condition.

What you have not given me is why any of these horrible things make your life and your choices any less your responsibility which is what my post was about.

will you now attempt an answer that deals with my question or will you continue to call me names and complain that you, yes you, have not vetted your circles properly. Expand this comment »

Friday FosterYesterday 10:41

I try not see whites as bigots and sometimes it fails, as in your case. I list facts about how past and present racism still impact how far black person can and you label it complaining. That’s right out of the white supremacist handbook.The backlash against President of the United States is a prime example. He is hated and perhaps now even more now that is has been discovered he has black maternal ancestry.The idea that there are whites with black ancestry makes you idea that racism is natural, total BS. An entire political party has vowed that their it is their job to make President Obama a one term president. You should post on stormfront or vdare. I am sure people like the Sikh Temple murder would agree with you
I notice how you did not answer my question about Native Americans. Typical racist derailment.Expand this comment »

J. Brian WaddingtonYesterday 11:05Edit

You seem to know a lot more about the white supremist hand book than I do. fact is i have never read t or been associated with any white supremist group.

Why would I hate Pres. Obama? I have never even met the man. As for his having black maternal ancestry allow me to point out a scientific fact. We all do. All humans can be traced back to a small nomadic tribe in Africa. why this makes my idea about us versus them being ingrained into the human psyche BS i have no idea.

of course there is a political party out to make Obama a one term president. but that might have as much to do with republican versus democrat as white versus black.

Now allow me to address your question about First Nations. First I find as do many of my village the use of the term Native Americans offensive. There were no Native Americans until there was an America. There was and is Turtle Island but that was pretty much a southern idea and name. My people are the Kit-a-maats. And yes we have had this conversation. Some agree with me some don’t.

For the record until you mentioned the online white supremist groups i had never heard of them.

So can you possibly leave your bigotry and unfounded biases out of this conversation and address the issue of taking responsibility versus being a victim or is that too much to ask?Expand this comment »

Friday FosterYesterday 11:29

You are a bigot, and an ignorant one. I am sure your imaginary Native American friends “agree” with the idea that they are responsible for the poverty, violence and drug abuse that is endemic in First Nations. I am done with discussing facts with someone so deep in denial.

J. Brian WaddingtonYesterday 12:10Edit
fair enough. But if you go to my blog you will find a lot of stories and pictures about my imaginary friends who sometimes agree with me and sometimes don’t.’

I am bothered by her assertion that I am an ignorant bigot with imaginary Native American friends. 
Is it possible that she is correct?  
PS, I am undoubtedly a wing-nut!

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