There have been times when I have blogged about being steward of a garden/temple. This morning the sun was out my laptop battery was fully charged and I was mobile so I thought I would try to click a pic.

The building is only 16 sq. meters but that is more than big enough to hold our astronomy gear and a small library. On the left you can see one of our Christmas trees. Between the Observatory shack and the Christmas tree is a some rather nice new stone work that creates an enjoyable layered feeling. The flat grassy area is just big enough for my Taoist Tai Chi set, is the starting point for the Labyrinth meditative walk and is where I often set up the telescope.

There are other areas of the garden which may one day find themselves featured. They include our house, a bamboo grove, ponds which we are now putting in and in time a rooftop vegetable garden. Although the pic does not show them there really are a lot of flowers and fruit trees as well in the garden/temple. Hope you like what we have been working on for the last 10 or so years.


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